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Diego Morales

Hi, I'm Diego Morales, Program Manager at Softtek.

Diego Morales is an experienced technocrat comfortable with business and technology, with a proven 11 year record of successful Project/IT Operations Management and a comprehensive portfolio of software, infrastructure and process improvement projects. Known for been a mentor-focused and visionary leader, has played an essential role in companywide adoption of IT industry best practices and governance standards. Diego is a well skilled professional in providing technology, software and infrastructure solutions for the business, specialized in identifying innovation opportunities, expert in strategizing IT service delivery and improving operational results.

Personal passion: to develop, train and guide individuals and teams, turning them into top performers, by means of helping contributors grow at their personal and professional levels.

Specialties: SCRUM Framework, PMI Project Management Framework

Diego Morales's Background

Diego Morales's Experience

Vice President of Technology at PMI Costa Rica Chapter

January 2014 - Present

Program Manager at Softtek

October 2013 - Present

Functions: • Research and Development (R&D) Program Manager • Head the HP Networking Automation group integrated by 35 systems, software, and electrical engineers. • Lead the internal tools development group as their Technical Project Manager. Major achievements: • Achieved a 40% increase in productivity on the Test Automation group by putting the data in people’s hands, through leading the re-engineering process of the company’s metrics dashboard, thus making it more accessible, user friendly and reliable.

IT Manager at Costa Rican Vacations

2008 - 2013

Functions: • Program, project and business strategy manager. • Lead the Software Development and Support/Infrastructure groups • Foster career development and complete performance evaluations of every IT team member Mayor achievements: • Standardization of project methodology used to develop custom software that combines traditional PMI’s waterfall approach and some SCRUM good practices, which allowed an increase of 60% in productivity, a 30% decrease in the incidence of errors per 10000 lines of code and a drastic reduction of 100% of uncontrolled changes (scope creep) in project baselines. • Implementation of the full set of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) phases, along with the documentation of the process accompanying each of those phases. Several resources were specialized to lead specific phases including Analysis, Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Deployment and Release. • Creation of a complete and comprehensive development environment that includes Testing and Staging replicas of the Production servers and services, along with a clear process for managing code through Subversion repositories and branches. • Adoption of ITIL incident, problem and configuration management, resulting in standardization of IT services with operational level agreements (OLAs), by which the team is measured by targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). • Integration of the on-site infrastructure providing IT services, with a hybrid virtual platform in the cloud (Amazon VPC), providing services such as VoIP, AD, LAN, WAN, and VPN from the enterprise data center, and Application, Database, Storage, and CDN from the cloud, achieving a decrease of 69% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of on-site equipment and enabled Disaster Recovery and On-Demand Scalability options for business critical applications.

Project Manager / Business Analyst at Hewlett-Packard

2007 - 2008

Functions: • Coordinate and collaborate with multiple resources from Costa Rica, India, United States, and Canada. • Requirements gathering, elaborate design documents and managing of resources. • Monitoring and controlling activities for controlling scope, quality and time. Mayor achievements: • Participate on the VoodooPC acquisition/merger project, which allowed HP to incursion in the gaming PC market.

IT 3rd Level Support Specialist at Hewlett-Packard

2007 - 2007

Functions: • IPG-IT 3rd Level Support Specialist for several B2B and e-commerce applications. Mayor achievements: • Compilation of a series of Knowledge Base articles on a wide range of applications, which improved incident resolution times in all of the involved support groups, from level 1 to level 3.

ECO-IT ARES Costa Rica-Mexico Team leader at Hewlett-Packard

November 2005 - 2007

Functions: • Lead the Level 2 support / development group conformed by Costa Rica and Mexico resources • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for several B2B applications • Trainer for Level 2 and Level 3 resources Mayor achievements: • Identification of common incident trends allowed the development of applications aimed at solving recurrent cases and improving the team’s TTR (Time to Resolve) metrics. • Resource cross-training program aiming at improving incident management, which resulted in an increase of the skills available at any given moment, enabling the group to cover the entire 12 hour shift as required by the underlying service level agreement. • Creation of SME roles for each application supported by the team, which allowed increasing the number of incidents resolved within the level without requiring escalation to Level 3.

Call Center Agent / Technical Leader at Hewlett-Packard

2004 - November 2005

Functions: • Call center agent attending technical incidents for US clients. • Technical Leader for e-commerce applications and desktop support. Mayor achievements: • Development of the ASC Notes Support application, oriented to solving incidents related to the Lotus Notes platform. Given the success of this application in Costa Rica, it was subsequently implemented in several other HP call centers around the globe.

Freelance Developer / Technical Support at Professional Services

2003 - 2004

Functions: • Software Developer for Cruz Verde's Order Management System. • Technical Support for Farmacia Jimenez's infrastructure and software.

Diego Morales's Education

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

2012 – 2014

Master's degree in Project Management

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

2002 – 2012

Bachelor's degree

Concentration: Systems Engineering

Colegio Saint Clare

1997 – 2001

Highschool Bachelor's degree

Diego Morales's Interests & Activities

Robotics, automation, astrophysics, quantum physics, experimental physics

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